Terry Lynne Hale

Practicing the Art of Perseverance

The journey continues and progress is being made.  Breaking bad habits takes time.  Everything worth doing takes however long it takes and by approaching it one day at a time, we make more progress than attempting to leapfrog to achieve our goals.

The nail on the ring finger on my left hand had a small “chip” break off the previous week.  These nails are so weak, thin, and brittle too that they can tear, break, or chip off easily.  I chose to use a formaldehyde-free nail strengthener, base & top coat by OPI.   (I purchased at a Beauty Brands retail store but -online- they are out of stock, and it appears Amazon doesn’t carry this so, I’ve linked to a listing at Target.)

Several nails are attempting to grow or fill in the weakest areas on the side of the nails (yes, I know this is gross) and these issues are among the most challenging.  Yesterday, Renee of Ren Nails, suggested she use a silk wrap on this nail, and the other ring finger, to preserve the existing nails and help prevent further breakage. 

I chose to refrain from using the OPI “Bare My Soul” polish I like so, it is easier to see the slow progress being made.  Yellowing is a problem – even for women who have never abused their nails.  I’ve read of using hydrogen peroxide to whiten but am concerned about further drying so I used Crest 3D white toothpaste and a soft bristle brush to help brighten them.  Renee said she saw a post about lemon on Pinterest so, I did a quick web search & found a site called Almond Nails that might be helpful to many.  (I like to vet sources I refer but WHOIS has little on this site so, while I hope it is not AI, who knows anymore?  The information looks legit, and I appreciate the education.) I am going to try this. 

Per Renee’s instruction, I apply cuticle nail oil at least 6 times per day and ALWAYS before going to sleep at night.  I really believe this is crucial and attributes to the slow and steady success I am realizing.