I was really disgusted when I voted in the August 2018 primary. This voter was unaware of changes to the ballot structure that would have been very useful to know about before I went to vote. We should all vote IF we want to have a say, a rant, a position. I also...

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Well Being Brewery – BRAVO!

Back in 2001, I was a freelance writer and became a “wellness consultant” representing a company whose products ranged from pure water to far infrared technology to magnets. Two fantastic things happened in my life from that experience: 1.) I finally QUIT smoking...

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Whole Health Pet Nutrition

As I'm learning more and more about human nutrition, I've decided enough parallels exist to find a common ground between whole food nutrition for my family - including our pet.  We have just one now. Our last menagerie - er, ah, family of 4 (2 cats, 2 dogs) who lived...

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