Terry Lynne Hale

Practicing the Art of Perseverance

I really want to blog! I know.  You wouldn’t know it from looking here.  Memorial Day? OMG.  The fact is I’m working on book marketing, revamping my website, polishing promo efforts, taking three courses (all of which will be very helpful but none of which I’ve gotten very far with – yet) and writing Book #3.

The website is a WIP (work in progress) with so much to do.  I realize I have the same 24 hours that every other human has; I guess I have to work on time management.  🙂

Do you know how it takes credit to get credit?  When students graduate from (or are attending) school and they’re ready to get out from beneath their parents wings- buy a car, a condo or house- they’re faced with “we can’t extend credit to you because you have no credit?”  So, maybe they go with a secured credit card to begin establishing credit or obtain a family loan in order to circumvent the system and begin establishing credit.

Similarly, authors don’t get noticed until they have reviews.  Amazon doesn’t know an author exists until they have 20-30 good book reviews.   There are many articles written about how to obtain more legitimate book reviews and following these instructions takes time.  A lot of time.  Well-meaning friends and acquaintances have asked for a review copy (I’m happy to provide in exchange for an honest review) and yet, when push comes to shove, they have to read the book first and then they have to write a review.  Maybe they’re as busy as I am..

So, I opted to get the ball rolling with an Indie Reader review.  It’s a paid review with absolutely no guarantee that a good review will come of it.  Indie Reader believes in marketing your review – good or bad.  I was prepared to do this if need be but I am delighted (OK, overjoyed!) with a 4 Star review.  From the reviewer, Verdict: Intended for those intimidated by the internet and hope it is a passing fad, Hale’s book is mercifully free of intimidating techno-jargon, and achieves its goal of easing resistant Gen X’rs into eventual mastery of the internet.

Here’s a link to the Indie Reader Review

IR Approved Sticker

I don’t intend to pay for any more reviews but will provide review copies to those serious about providing an honest review.   The ol’ it takes money to make money, you need credit to get credit, authors don’t get noticed until you have more book reviews, still ring true.

Now, I need to write more reviews for those authors whose books I’ve enjoyed, too! Check – added to my to do list.