Terry Lynne Hale

Practicing the Art of Perseverance

Always is a good time to learn.  From the “old world view” (where most of humanity lives) time is so fleeting and it moves faster and faster as we age.

Seven months since my last post and the whole world has changed dramatically.  As educated and enlightened I work at becoming, I am astounded to recognize immature behavior (sadly often after the fact) despite advancing years.  What happened to Wisdom Comes with Age?

This reactionary, would have employed my poison pen (or flaming keystrokes) at so much of what is going on in the world politically, were it not for some level of maturity, common sense, beginners knowledge of being a Wake-Up, and good conscience.  (I am gratefully employed doing work I like for good and decent people so, what I say and do has the capacity to reflect on others.)  Good and BAD. I support organizations and individuals for whom I would not want my ranting and raving to have a negative effect so, I’ve become mindful of this.

I am learning about the Quantum Think System© Dianne Collins, and understand I am operating in the Quantum Age using Industrial Age thinking to address problems; it clearly doesn’t work.

This is the reason so many of society’s ills just keep perpetuating year after year, decade after decade and in the case of inequality among minorities and women, centuries after centuries. Collins’ quotes Albert Einstein in her magnificent book Do You Quantum Thinksomething like: We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Brilliant! We have to think from new and different perspectives.

Anyway, as I try to read the least-biased news outlets, use FactCheck.org before I share anything, meditate, and keep my mouth shut- A LOT, it is becoming easier to go with the flow. 

I had intended to become more active as a volunteer for Compassion and Choices in 2020 and then Covid-19 exploded on the global scene.  When people of all ages and all ethnic groups are tragically affected by this terrifying killer of people who, otherwise would have enjoyed many more years on this planet- I am no longer motivated toward this volunteer work.  I will support C & C financially and still very much believe in dying with dignity, but I feel drawn toward another pursuit.

courtesy of Pixabay

My take on Covid-19: it is far more important to collectively figure out how to address and contain this invisible enemy than to cast blame on its origins.  Unless the US and every other major country with skin in the game wants to admit their own extensive involvement in breaking International Laws against BioWeapons, shut the front door! 

Big Team Ideas
Working together is the only way!
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Instead, let us work together globally, utilizing all the amazing resources Mother Nature, science, and medicine offers.  This is how we meet and defeat this enemy.  While incredible discoveries have been made by individuals – a cohesive, organized effort of analytical, creative, inquisitive, persistent, positive, industrious, and compassionate individuals with the common goal to minimize infections, mitigate risk and ideally, eradicate this virus comprises the TEAM we need.