Terry Lynne Hale

Practicing the Art of Perseverance

Palliative Care: Because I Matter.  And you do.  We ALL matter.

HHA Helping

Each of us should be able to achieve all that these services offer, services and programs designed and intended to provide comfort during life-altering and life-threatening periods in our lives.  None of us should have to stand by while loved ones needlessly suffer when incredible services such as palliative care and hospice care exist in our communities.  These services are like having your own care team – they integrate as needed with warm, compassionate volunteers and administrators.

Whether for yourself, for a friend, a family member, a pet, or for help with grief over loss, a broad range of services are available from an increasing number of resources throughout the country.  We have to spread the word that comfort is a click, a phone call or a short drive away.

Blessings to everyone on this day designed to raise awareness.  Namaste.