Terry Lynne Hale

Practicing the Art of Perseverance

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For many years now I’ve witnessed the often huge fines imposed by one of the US’ governing agencies tasked with levying fines against corporations and other entities that break the law.  There has to be an equitable solution to the US Federal Deficit that does...

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Welcome to the Wild World of 2020

Always is a good time to learn.  From the “old world view” (where most of humanity lives) time is so fleeting and it moves faster and faster as we age. Seven months since my last post and the whole world has changed dramatically.  As educated and enlightened...

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Well Being Brewery – BRAVO!

Non-alcoholic Craft Beers Back in 2001, I was a freelance writer and became a “wellness consultant” representing a company whose products ranged from pure water to far infrared technology to magnets. Two fantastic things happened in my life from that experience: 1.) I...

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Whole Health Pet Nutrition

As I'm learning more and more about human nutrition, I've decided enough parallels exist to find a common ground between whole food nutrition for my family - including our pet.  We have just one now. They'd like to eat what's on the table but.. Our last menagerie...

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